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Our work

« “Looking upon work as a grace, we make full use of our abilities in the tasks assigned to us, that we may return to God with increase the talents He has given us.”

(Constitutions, Article 148) »

To help support ourselves, we make albs in our sewing room for children’s choirs and altar servers, as well as for priests.



But most of our orders come from “Artisanat Monastique ” : wedding procession dresses for little girls, vests and ties for boys, tablecloths, napkins, and various other articles.

The work necessary for the upkeep of life and for our spiritual growth takes place mostly in the sewing workrooms, and in our vegetable garden that we cultivate ourselves, which helps us to feed our little Community.

Being in touch with nature draws the soul in an incomparable way to meeting her Creator. 

Like everyone else we do all the work necessary for our small Community to be able to live in this big Monastery : cleaning, cooking, laundry, gardening .... ...


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